Friday, February 22, 2013

Hi! Would you like to make money online in your spare time? Are you tired of seeing all the scams out there? Then you have come to the right place. Here we will list 5 of the best proven money making ideas out there!

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#1 Amazon Mechanical Turk (Micro-tasking)
Amazon Mechanical Turk

First up is the Amazon-owned company Mechanical Turk. From personal experience I can say that Amazon Turk is indeed a legit company. 2 Months ago I signed up for an account at Mechanical Turk and I was pretty skeptical. The pay didn't seem like much for most tasks (around 5 cents for the average and about 1 dollar at most for surveys). At the end of the first month I managed to make around 90 USD, from there i proceeded to check out the withdrawal process. For the main part, most of the money you make through Amazon Turk goes through Amazon Payments, which is very similar to Paypal. At Amazon payments they request that you identify yourself through your DL / ID number (namely, the customer # on your ID such as Txxxxxxxx) and from there you'll need to input your routing number into the system and then use mail verification / online verification with your user ID / Pass. Overall it's a quick and easy process, I managed to get everything done in roughly 10 min and the funds showed up in my bank account within 2 days.

Pros : They Pay and have many good reviews
          They sometimes have legit high-paying tasks
          Low withdrawal requirement at 10 USD

Cons : Can take a while to make a good amount of money
           Most tasks are relatively mindless and tedious
           Can only withdraw money in the United States / no other country works

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#2 SwagBucks

Up for 2nd place is Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a company based in Los Angeles with an online rewards program. To make money on Swagbucks, you need to create an account (it's free of course) and from there you will need to carry out searches to earn SB (swagbucks), also you can watch videos (normally pays around 4 or 5 SB) and there are also surveys and a couple of other ways to earn SB. Once you have enough SB you can exchange them for cash (10000 SB is 100 USD via paypal) or you can get tons of other prizes. Honestly earning SBs is normally a slow process, but not very hard. (you can also refer friends for SBs, and earn SBs through them). All in All Swagbucks is a fairlu decent site for those that are looking to get some spending cash in their pocket (but don't expect to make a living off of it!).

Pros : Legit with a number of good reviews and people have gotten paid from them
          Has a nice website UI and it's easy to find things with them
Cons : Work can be Tedious
           Slow to obtain money from
           Referrals can be viewed as "spam"
           Tracks User Habits

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#3 Google Adsense

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Up for number 3 is Google Adsense. Probably one of the most reputable companies out there, Google created Adsense a couple of years ago as a program where it's users could run ads sponsored by Google on their sites / blogs and make money off of it on a PPC (pay-per-click) basis. Personally I have seen stories of people making 6-figures off of google Adsense but without a doubt, it would take an intense amount of work unless you're lucky or have very large amounts of web traffic. But on the upside Google Adsense is a legit way to get money and it's not too hard to start a good blog or website.

Pros : Not hard if you have a decent source of traffic
          Easy to sign up for and integrate
          Great source of passive income

Cons : You need a popular site / blog
           Money is on a PPC basis

Proof / Reviews

1 :
2 :!topic/adsense-help-earnings/mbIojBwrkCE

#4 20 | 20 Panel
20-20 Panel

Up for 4th place is 20 | 20 Panel. 20 | 20 is a survey site where you get paid to share your opinion (sounds common right?) but at 20 | 20 they tend to pay a bit better then other sites. Personally I haven't gotten accepted into a survey yet but I have read reviews of others who have, so i'll leave this one up to the viewer to decide if it's legit. The Average survey can pay up to 10 usd+ but they seem to only accept based on certain criteria (i've received 7 invites but haven't been accepted for any)

Pros : High Pay

Cons : Hard to get into
         : Seems to be long for the average study

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#5 Commission Works

Up for 5th place is...that's right, the reader! Just kidding. But commissions are a great way to make money online by using your art or programming skills. The average flash game when comissioned can run as high as 50~100+ and art can go even higher depending on the arrangements. It's quite important to have a portfolio for others to view and be able to choose from samples of your work. There are alot of sites that you can do comissions from, such as Deviantart or even Istockphoto (you can sell your drawn works on there)

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